"Bronough" Ancestors

Ancestors of James McClellan Ross (1878-1940)


The first of the Bronough's to enter our lineage was Ann Bronough.  Ann Bronough married into our lineage when she married Bryan Chadwell.   

I know very little about the ancestry of this branch, but will add the little information that I have here.  Apparently the surname Bronough (Bronaugh) originally came from the German surname, Bruneau.  

Paul Bruneau

The information I have is that Paul Bruneau was born sometime in the early 1600's and had the next link in our ancestry, David Bronough.

David Bronough

David Bronough was born about 1630.  His wife at the present time is unknown.  He was probably the father of Jeremiah Bronough, about whom we have quite a bit of information. 

Jeremiah Bronough

Jeremiah was born in 1680 in Williamsburg, King George County, Virginia.  He married Elizabeth Glendening about 1697.  His Will gives a good listing of his children and much about his financial status.  He was a tobacco plantation owner, and as was the custom in that time, owned several slaves.   Jeremiah and Elizabeth's daughter, Ann became the next in our lineage .

I will add more on this surname branch later but as of this time I am making available a copy of  Jeremiah Brounough's Will on our Rossancestors.Com site.   

Ann Bronough 

Ann married Bryan Chadwell and she then had the next link in our ancestry, John C. Chadwell about 1732.  The Chadwell history can be found on the Chadwell surname page and John's Will came be found on Rossancestors.com site.


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