Long Ancestral Lines

Ancestors of John Bertie Long (1884-1961)


 Ancestry by Surname for John Bertie Long

by Elmer Lamar Ross 

Here I am listing the various family names from which we came over several generations.   I have information in some lines that go back 15 to 20 generations.  Many of these will be added later.   

My brothers and sister will have the same ancestry as mine.  Cousins on my father's side will have the same ancestral line as my father.  Cousins on my mother's side will have the same ancestral line as my mother.  Other relatives can see how they fit in by finding a common ancestor on this site.  Every person prior to that person will be part of their ancestry.   

I am using the format called Ahnentafel (abbreviated here as Ahn) which numbers the ancestors from a common person.  In this case, it will be me, Elmer Lamar Ross, the author of this site.  The first person will be number 1 (that's me). 

My parents will be Elmer Melvin ROSS (Ahn #2) and Mary Ruth LONG (Ahn # 3).  They are generation number two to me. Elmer's parents will be  James McClellan Ross (Ahn # 4) and Esther Lou Owens (Ahn # 5).  They are generation number three to me.  Their ancestors are treated on separate web pages.

On this site I am including  the ancestors of Mary Ruth Long ( my mother).  Her parents are also generation number three to me.  They are John Bertie LONG (Ahn # 6) and Nannie Grace LEWIS (Ahn # 7). 

All of my ancestors (ROSS, OWENS, LONG, AND LEWIS-and their ancestral lines) are part of my http://www.rossancestors.com site.

RossAncestors.Com is a Ross Family blog to which posting and pages are added on a regular basis.   The site includes historical documents like wills and newspaper excepts;  stories of particular Ross and Long ancestors; social and historical accounts; and general genealogical data on my ancestors.

On this site I will have the ancestors of John Bertie Long listed on one web page, and the ancestors of Nannie Grace Lewis listed on another.

The Ahnatafel number of each new surname that enters the ancestral lineage will be placed beside that surnameMy specific Ahnentafel list of Ancestors can be found by clicking on the this link. Each individual surname will have a link to a specific page for that surname.  As soon  as a page ink is added to a specific surname, a star (*) will be placed before the name in the list below.  Additional ancestral surnames will be added as they are discovered through research.

Generation Two (my parent)

*       Mary Ruth LONG (Ahn 3)

Generation Three (my grandparent)

*       John Bertie LONG (Ahn 6)

Generation Four (my great grandparents)

*      John A. LONG, Jr. (Ahn 12)

*      Mary NEWTON (Ahn 13)

Generation Five (my great, great grandparents)

*      John A. LONG, Sr. (Ahn 24)

        Elizabeth SMELCER (Ahn 25)

*       James A. NEWTON (Ahn 26)

        Cynthia ALLISON (Ahn 27)

Generation Six (my third great grandparents)

*      Rev. George LONG (Ahn 48)

        Elizabeth MAPLES (Ahn 49)

        John Adam SMELCER (Ahn 50)

        Leah EALY (Ahn 51)

*      Edward NEWTON (Ahn 52)

        Mary D. MITCHELL (Ahn 53)

        William P. ALLISON (Ahn 54)

        Sarah MCKINNEY (Ahn 55) 

Generation Seven (my fourth great grandparents)

*      Edward LONG (Ahn 96)

        Jane JONES (Ahn 97)

        Josiah ("Joe") MAPLES (Ahn 98)

        Ruthea SWEENEY (Ahn 99)

        John (Johan) Adam SMELCER (Ahn 100)

        Maria Johanna KOENIG (Ahn 101)

        George EALY (Ahn 102)

        Susannah FARLEY (Ahn 103)

        John A. ALLISON (Ahn 108)

        Elizabeth CRESWELL (Ahn 109)

Generation Eight (my fifth great grandparents)

*      Thomas LONG (Ahn 192)

        Martha THATCHER (Ahn 193)

        Edward JONES (Ahn 194)

        William "The Elder" MAPLES (Ahn 196)

        Prudence COMSTOCK (Ahn 197)

        Moses SWEENEY (Ahn 198)

        Ann SEYMOUR (Ahn 199)

        Johan Adam SMELCER (Ahn 200)

        James ALLISON (Ahn 216)

        Mary KILGORE (Ahn 217)

Generation Nine (my sixth great grandparents)

*       Edward LONG (Ahn 384)

        Elizabeth TURNER (Ahn 385)

        Jonathan THATCHER, Sr. (Ahn 386) 

        Hannah DICKS (Ahn 387)

        Stephen MAPLES (Ahn 392)

        Patience FARGO (Ahn 393)

        Daniel COMSTOCK (Ahn 394)

        Elizabeth AVERY (Ahn 395)

        John SWEENEY (Ahn 396)

        Johannes Jacob SMELTZER (Ahn 400)

        Anna Elizabeth KOHR (Ahn 401)

        Robert ALLISON, Jr. (Ahn 432)

        Elizabeth SCOTT (ahn 433)

Generation Ten (my seventh great grandparents)

*        Edward LONG (Ahn 768)

         Thomas TURNER (Ahn 770)

         Ann HILL (ahn 771)

         Richard I. THATCHER (Ahn 772)

         Jean (Jane) STEVENS (Ahn 773)

         Peter DICKS (Ahn 774)

         Esther MADDOCK (Ahn 775)

         Peter MAHPOIL (Ahn 784)

         Aectie Jane VAN MORDEN (Ahn 785)

         Moses FARGO (Ahn 786)

         Sarah QUERY (Ahn 787)

         Daniel COMSTOCK (Ahn 788)

         Elizabeth PRENTICE (ahn 789)

         Samuel AVERY (Ahn 790)

         Elizabeth RAINSFORD (Ahn 791)

         Michael KOHR (Ahn 802)

         Robert ELLISON (Ahn 864)

         Mary LLOYD (Ahn 865)



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