Long-Lewis Ancestry

Ancestors of  John Bertie Long & Nannie Grace Lewis 


Long-Lewis Ancestry

On April 30, 1905 John Bertie LONG married Nannie Grace LEWIS. Over the next 27 years they were to have a total of thirteen children together.  The first died the day of birth and the second died soon after birth.  In 1924 a third child, a daughter, Eva, also died  at one day of age.  It was November 9, 1910 before their first daughter (and the first to live to adulthood), Thelma Irene Long, was born.  They ultimately had five daughters and five sons who would survive into adulthood.

Ross-Long Connection 

The eighth child and the sixth to live was Mary Ruth LONG, my mother.  She was born in 1921 and as of today, is still living. She was widowed last year when my father Elmer Melvin ROSS, died at 92 years of age.

The purpose of this site is to record a history of my mother's ancestors of the different surnames that married into this family in the preceding ancestral lines and do a historical account.  This, of course, starts with her father, John Bertie LONG (1884-1961), and her mother, Nannie Grace LEWIS (1889-1967).  

There are separate web pages for each of them which links to individual surname histories in their ancestry.

LONG Ancestry

LEWIS Ancestry 

Ross Ancestors

I have already developed a site for the ancestors of my father, Elmer Melvin ROSS.  The Ross' (his father) and Owens' (his mother) ancestral surnames.  This site: http://www.rosstribe.com, is being added to on a regular basis.  The page for the different ancestral surnames in found at: Ross Ancestral Lines. There is a blog with additional information and documentation on the Ross Ancestral lines at Ross Ancestors.Com



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