Ancestral Roots of This Ross-Owens Marriage

James McClellan Ross

 & Esther Lou Owens 

Married 8 March 1900

Ancestral Roots - "Our" Family Names

Here I am listing the various family names from which we came over the last 15 generations.  I am using the format called Ahnentafel (abbreviated here as Ahn) which numbers the ancestors from a common person.  In this case, it will be me, Elmer Lamar Ross, the author of this site.  The first person will be number 1 (that's me).  My parents will be Elmer Melvin Ross (Ahn #2) and Mary Ruth Long (Ahn # 3).  They are generation number two to me. Elmer's parents will be  James McClellan Ross (Ahn # 4) and Esther Lou Owens (Ahn # 5).  They are generation number three to me. 

I am not including the ancestors of Mary Ruth Long on these specific web pages since it is about the family members resulting directly from the marriage of James M Ross and Esther L Owens.   Mary Long's ancestors are on and on the Long-Lewis Ancestry site similar to this one but for that branch of my family.  So, there will be missing Ahnentafel #'s which relate to the Long and Lewis ancestors of my mom on these pages  but they will be found on the other Long and Lewis pages. 

The first of the ancestor families are listed below.  The Ahnentafel number of each surname that enters the family as we progress backwards is listed and all others with the same surname  are listed and/or discussed on  that  surname page.  The surnames below have a link to the specific page for that surname.

Surname Pages

As I add data to each of the surname pages, I will place a star beside the surname. 

Generation Three

James McClellan ROSS ( Ahn 4)

*  Esther Lou OWENS (Ahn 5)

Generation Four 

Robert Jennings ROSS (Ahn 8)

 Sarah Angelina TURNER (Ahn 9)

*  Thomas James H. OWENS (Ahn 10)

 Jane SMITH (Ahn 11)

Generation Five 

James ROSS (Ahn 16)

Esther KENNEDY (Ahn 17)

William  TURNER  (Ahn 18)

*  Martha Angelina CHADWELL (Ahn 19)

Lewis (Luke) OWENS (Ahn 20)

Katherine BROTHERS (Ahn 21)

Redden SMITH (Ahn 22)

*  Adaline Lydia WHISENANT (Ahn 23) 

Generation Six 

Robert ROSS (Ahn 32) 

Moses Washington KENNEDY (Ahn 34)

Esther W. BUNNELL (Ahn 35) 

*  George CHADWELL (Ahn 38) 

Ruth TAYLOR (Ahn 39)

*  John OWENS (Ahn 40)

*  Cassie WHISENANT (Ahn 41)

Ezekial BROTHERS (Ahn 42) 

Mary JONES (Ahn 43) 

Zachariah SMITH (Ahn 44) 

Elizabeth ADAMS (Ahn 45)

*  Henry WHISENANT (Ahn 46) 

Generation Seven 

Dr. Samuel KENNEDY (Ahn 68)

Elizabeth BEAVERS (Ahn 69)

Benjamin BUNNELL (Ahn 70)

Catherine BARRY (BARRE) (Ahn 71)

*  John C. CHADWELL (Ahn 76)

Elizabeth GUTRIDGE  (Ahn 77)

Thomas Smith TAYLOR (Ahn 78)

Magadelana SUPPLEE (Ahn 79)

*  Jesse OWENS (Ahn 80)

*  Henry WHISENANT (Ahn 82-Same as Ahn 46)

Job BROTHERS (Ahn 84)

Elizabeth MORRIS (Ahn 85)

Christopher B (Kitt) SMITH (Ahn 88) 

Mary MAULDIN (Ahn 89)

Martin ADAMS (Ahn 90)

*  George Michael WHISENHUNT (Ahn 92)

Eve CARMON (Ahn 93)

Generation Eight

Reverend Samuel KENNEDY (Ahn 136)

Sarah ALLEN (Ahn 137)

Judge Robert  BEAVERS (Ahn 138)

Elizabeth ARMSTRONG (Ahn 139)

Solomon BUNNELL (Ahn 140)

Mary Elizabeth HALDRON (Ahn 141)

James BARRY (Ahn 142)

Hester BRYANT (Ahn 143)

*  Bryan CHADWELL (Ahn 152)

*  Ann BRONOUGH (Ahn 153)

Allen GUTRIDGE (Ahn 154)

Margaret THATCHER (Ahn 155)

Andrew SUPPLEE (Ahn 158)

*  Mary ZIMMERMAN (Ahn 159)

Richard BROTHERS (Ahn 168)

Benjamin MORRIS (Ahn 170)

Elizabeth OVERMAN (Ahn 171)

Ambrose Joshua SMITH (Ahn 176)

John MAULDIN (Ahn 178)

Jane GOODLOE (Ahn 179)

*  John Adam (Johan) WHISENHUNT  (Ahn 184)


















 From These Roots We Came

Long-Lewis Ancestry